Update Versions

New Version 3.0.5

The new 3.0.5 version of SambaBox adding new features is published.

Profelis Samba Pack

Version: 4.13.7-13

SambaBox GUI Pack

Version: 3.0.5

Version Details

Profelis Samba Pack – Version 4.13.7-13

✔︎ Added shadow copy support
✔︎ Added winbind changepass details
✔︎ Tuned heimdal performance
✔︎ Added code to prevent AXFR zone transfer
✔︎ Added Fortinet SSO support
✔︎ Fixed CVE-2020-27840
✔︎ Fixed CVE-2021-20277
✔︎ Correct DNS tombstone time
✔︎ Offline samba backup with DLZ backend
✔︎ Kerberos Hyper-V specific functions
✔︎ Fixed LDB attribute handlers against spaces
✔︎ Added bind with SID and extended name support
✔︎ Fixed RPC memory leak
✔︎ Fixed audit logs

SambaBox GUI Pack – Version 3.0.5

✔︎ Added SSO support with Radius
✔︎ Added Fortinet SSO support
✔︎ Developed a solution for deleted but keeped objects on Windows systems which courses a single way replication problem.
✔︎ Added user interface certificate by using CA
✔︎ Added Firewall for GUI access
✔︎ Added health check controls between SambaBoxes to alarm.
✔︎ Added API support
✔︎ Added configuration sync between SambaBoxes
✔︎ Added create, read, update, delete details to Role Based Access Control
✔︎ Added downloading user rights as CSV format.
✔︎ Added support domain password policy rule support to user interface passwords
✔︎ Added disable user account on OU bases which are not logged in for defined time period
✔︎ Added mass disable/enable user account support
✔︎ Added console root password change
✔︎ Added temporarily disable firewall rules from console
✔︎ Applied some bux fixes.

CVE Details

An anonymous attacker can crash the Samba AD DC LDAP server by sending easily crafted DNs as part of a bind request. More serious heap corruption is likely also possible.

User-controlled LDAP filter strings against the AD DC LDAP server may crash the LDAP server.

** Restarting the system is necessary for the new features to be valid.

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