Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about SambaBox and all the topics you’ve been wondering about.

Via SambaBox web interface you can administer with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. 

SambaBox works with the 2008R2, 2012 ve 2016 versions.

You can run PowerShell with administrator rights on your Windows Server and reduce the Functional Level to 2008 R2 using the following commands.

Set-ADForestMode -Identity DOMAINNAME -ForestMode Windows2008R2Forest

Set-ADDomainMode -Identity DOMAINNAME -DomainMode Windows2008R2Domain

Short Answer:

You won’t have a problem if you are not working with Azure.

Long Answer:

Microsoft focused on Azure after the 2008R2 level.

The main change is the return of WMI structure instead of the RPC structure.

At this point, changes were made to the system for directing to the DC structures installed to Azure. Many features were abandoned because of this, and clients were directed to transfer to Azure.

You can learn more about the version changes here:

SambaBox serves Active Directory on its own.
SambaBox supports the 2008R2Forest and 2008R2Domain functionality levels.
All operations performed in Active Directory are also available in SambaBox.
With SambaBox you can get detailed reports in the PDF, XLS, CSV formats.
Advanced search is available in SambaBox.
The user operations performed in SambaBox can be monitored, you can download reports in the CSV format.
With SambaBox you can redirect system records to your central records administration server.
With SambaBox you can manage Windows, Linux and macOS clients.
With SambaBox you can run command or script on Windows, Linux and macOS clients.
With SambaBox, you can easily import configuration files from an existing DHCP server.

SambaBox interface users can be authorized according to the must-know principle.

Your SharePoint Portal server can work with SambaBox.
You can use the 802.1x authentification with SambaBox.
When you add SambaBox to the domain, you don’t need to add the clients once again.
When SambaBox is added to the domain, existing GPO’s are automatically taken over by SambaBox and continue to work on clients.
The System Security Services Demon (SSSD) provides a set of background programs to manage access to remote directories and authentication mechanisms. You can easily add your clients to the SambaBox domain with SSSD.
Winbind consolidates Linux and Windows account management by allowing the Linux client to be a full member of the domain. The Winbind service is provided by the samba partner package as a component of Samba. You can easily add your clients to the SambaBox domain with Winbind.