SambaBox for Cloud and Service Providers

Thanks to hosted LDAP, DNS, NTP services and a user-friendly web interface, SambaBox allows cloud and service providers to offer their customers Directory-as-a-Service ® (DaaS) service.

Cloud and Service Providers

This cloud-based directory solution eliminates the difficulties of LDAP integration and makes access to nearly all authorized resources secure and centrally manageable.  

SambaBox provides centralized management and authorization that can be used in Cloud applications, VPN connections, and resource access without the need for in-house directory service.

Single centralized authorization saves time during first entry, exit and password resets. This cloud-based directory solution is basically a utility for organizations.

Data in the SambaBox Cloud is encrypted by LDAPS and TLS during transfer.

Account passwords within the directory service are secured at maximum through the one-way encryption by hash and salt mechanisms.

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