SambaBox for Government

Public institutions use different solutions for their corporate directory needs, such as Active Directory, LDAP, and so on. Authentication services are integrated with other applications and services within the institution. This allows access to a large number of these services to be controlled from a single point.

Kamuda SambaBox

Especially in the case of provincial institutions Microsoft Active Directory is also designed and used in the form of forest, which makes administration and business continuity much more convenient.

SambaBox is designed to support the forest structure on the domain and to address these needs of the corporate architecture.

SambaBox has the logging standard in JSON format with the same numbers as AD EventID.
With this standard, it works seamlessly by communicating over Syslog with services such as SSO, Proxy, Firewall, and more.

As being installed on multiple servers SambaBox supports horizontal expansion and works in active-active mode. Another cluster of SambaBox can be installed in the business continuity center to ensure system operation in case of a disaster.

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