SambaBox for Solution and Product Manufacturers

For companies that offer special projects to their customers and integrate systems, SambaBox offers both performance and cost-effective solutions. This will help you maximize customer satisfaction while reducing your project and product costs.

Solution and Product Manufacturers

Whether you host your solution in the cloud or on customer servers, SambaBox delivers the power and flexibility you need. So you can stay focused only on your other components.
If you create solutions by using open source coded products, you can also get support from qualified members of the Profelis team for necessary architectural and performance optimizations.

SambaBox Certification Program for Solution and Product manufacturers

SambaBox Certification Program is available exclusively for manufacturers who want to develop SambaBox compatible products. By participating in this program, you can be sure that your solution or product is secured by SambaBox and it’s cooperating with you in all future versions, enhancing integration to deliver the best experience for your customers.

Advantages of SambaBox Certification Program