SambaBox for Universities

SambaBox has capacities to meet all directory needs of universities and offers special academic discounts.


Directory services are commonly used in universities for many services such as Eduroam, Student Information Management Systems, Email, Web Portal, common printer use. SambaBox already offers necessary infrastructure and more for the directory operation these services require.

What is Eduroam?

Eduroam is an acronym created by combination of the words “Education” and “Roaming”.

Eduroam is a great project aimed to provide students who continue to study in different countries through student exchange programs worldwide with wireless internet access to their university accounts. You can check Eduroam coverage here.

Eduroam works based on two confederation structures: Europe and Asia-Pacific (APAM). Turkey is a part of the European region. Find more information on Eduroam here.


SambaBox meets the identification needs for Eduroam infrastructure quickly and seamlessly.

SambaBox Academic Program

Profelis, who has been accomplishing successful projects by making a lot of firsts within open source technologies since 2007, used its acquired experience to develop the active directory product SambaBox, which is a local and national solution, to serve fellow information professionals.

Until now, Profelis has provided several training and project support to both Linux and IT world, with a sense of duty for its position through NGOs (Civil Society Organization). Within this framework, with the SambaBox Academic program Profelis’d like to take forward its social responsibility studies that it has accomplished in the academic community before.

The SambaBox Academic program includes training and information sharing in terms of active directory and authentication, in universities, teaching hospitals, secondary education institutions.

Advantages of the Academic Program