Multi-layered and easy Security Management

With SambaBox’s multi-layered and easy security management, you can manage your system with the “need to know principle”, easily create your password policies, and use different kinds of identity management software.

Manage with the “Need to Know” Principle

Systems managed by more than one system administrators may cause complications and according to the “need to know” principle some accesses may have to be restricted.

In the interface of SambaBox users can access the administration panels according to the rights of the group or groups assigned to them. All tasks they do may be followed by the authorized users.

Thus not only system changes are taken under control but also solutions of the occuring problems may be found quicker by knowing what was changed in the works performed in the wrong way.


Set the password policies !

No matter what client is used in the organization, the system administrator can easily set the password policy for users.

This makes it easy for SambaBox to meet the required business security needs.

System administrators can also secure passwords for Windows, Linux, or MacOS clients.

Work with Identity Management Software

Advanced features of SambaBox also allow system administrators to work with different kinds of identity management software.

SambaBox works seamlessly and fully compatible with Engerek and many other kinds of identity management software.