Update Versions

New Version 4.1

The new 4.1 version of SambaBox adding new features is published.

Profelis Samba Pack

Version: 4.14-10-20

SambaBox GUI Pack

Version: 4.1

Version Details

SambaBox GUI Pack – Version 4.1

✔︎ Authorization (RBAC) updates made

✔︎ Updates have been made on the user add/edit screen

✔︎ Transaction waiting updates have been made

✔︎ Validation updates made

✔︎ Updates have been made to the reports screen

✔︎ Updates/improvements made to batch operations

✔︎ Added HTTP/HTTPS warning to the interface

✔︎ Added authentication to Monitor and Log interfaces

✔︎ Formal adjustments were made

✔︎ Updated language files

✔︎ Updated language files

✔︎ System scripts updated

✔︎ Added Personal Data Protection Clarification Text

✔︎ Security improvements made

✔︎ TRTEST requirements were fully met and added to the system

✔︎ CVE-2022-25619, CVE-2022-25620 vulnerabilities fixed

Profelis Samba Pack – Version 4.14-10-20

✔︎ Hardened trusted domain structure

✔︎ Fixed kerberos TGS-REQ

✔︎ Bumped LDB version

✔︎ Added Extention replication. With this improvement replication speed dramatically increased.

✔︎ Allow special chars like “@” in samAccountName when generating the salt.

✔︎ Provide a fix for MS CVE-2020-17049, CVE-2016-2124, CVE-2020-25717, CVE-2020-25718, CVE-2020-25719, CVE-2020-25721, CVE-2020-25722, CVE-2020-3738, CVE-2020-23192

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