Update Versions

New Version 4.2

The new 4.2 version of SambaBox adding new features is published.

Release Date: 19.07.2022

Profelis Samba Pack

Version: 4.15.8-22

SambaBox GUI Pack

Version: 4.2

Version Details

SambaBox GUI Pack – Version 4.2

✔︎ Added GPO editing support.

✔︎ Added Google Chrome GPO management support.

✔︎ Added LAPS management support.

✔︎ Added custom attribute support.

✔︎ Added SMB client settings.

✔︎ Added support for listing and deleting of CNF objects.

✔︎ Added support for cleanup of CNF objects.

✔︎ Added sensitive password policy and more PSO options.

✔︎ Added blacklist for user passwords and regular expression controls for blacklists.

✔︎ Added support for DHCP lease time cleanup.

✔︎ Added OU based RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) support for GUI users.

✔︎ Added Sites and Subnets management.

✔︎ Added more unit tests.

✔︎ Added csv export for DNS zones and records.

✔︎ Added new pre-installed reports to report section.

✔︎ Added sending reports by e-mail in user defined periods.

✔︎ Fix for some GUI issues.

✔︎ Fix language translations.

✔︎ Fix for some non-seen commands.

✔︎ Hardened security.

✔︎ Added keyboard language selection to terminal menu.

✔︎ Removed DHCP configuration option from terminal menu.

Profelis Samba Pack – Version 4.15.8-22

✔︎ Improved replication performance.

✔︎ Reduce the security descriptor propagation time after the initial replication ~ 240 minutes => 2.4 minutes

✔︎ Added machine password change for fixing error while adding RODC to domain.

✔︎ Added RBCD (Resource-based constrained) support.

✔︎ Improved ACE configuration on Sysvol.

✔︎ Improved NSS token management.

✔︎ Improved UPN managment.

✔︎ Improved RPC client performance.

✔︎ Improved domain join support for older versions.

✔︎ Imporoved LMDB record manamagement.

✔︎ Improved DNS update management.

✔︎ Improved Azure connection.

✔︎ Fixed MDSSVC issues.

✔︎ Fixed CVE-2022-32743.

✔︎ Fixed NFS4 ACL GUID.

✔︎ Fixed DSDB log issues.


!!! Reboot Required !!!

Warning: Before installing SambaBox v4.2, SambaBox v4.1 must be installed.

Otherwise your system may enter fail state.

SambaBox Team – [email protected]

Previous Versions

12.11.2021 – Version 4.1 – For Details

15.09.2021 – Version 4.0 – For Details