Version 3.0.4

The new 3.0.4 version of SambaBox adding new features is published.

Profelis Samba Pack

Version: 4.13.3-5

SambaBox GUI Pack

Version: 3.0.4

Version Details

Profelis Samba Pack – Version 4.13.3-5

✔︎ Nickname errors during CTDB code optimization are fixed.
✔︎ vfs_glusterfs module is fixed.
✔︎ ACL editing is done.
✔︎ Bind 9.16 support is added.
✔︎ Memory usage is enhanced.
✔︎ DNS usage accelerated.
✔︎ Changed to GnuTLS-3.6.15 version.

SambaBox GUI Pack – Version 3.0.4

✔︎ Certificate Authority (CA) functionality is added.
✔︎ Alarm emails about Disc-Memory-Processor states are added.
✔︎ Name, Logonname and Desciption usage in search display is added.
✔︎ SYSVOL Reset Button is added.
✔︎ GPO link, unlink, GPO deletion functionalities are added.
✔︎ The names that appear in the tree structure are made changeable.
✔︎ DHCP migration button is made to be turned off as default.
✔︎ Locked/Unlocked indication of the users is added in the tree structure.
✔︎ Edit – disable – enable – password reset – delete, locked/unlocked features are added to the search display output.
✔︎ Edit – disable – enable – password reset – delete, locked/unlocked features are added to the advanced search display output.
✔︎ Dbcheck and reindex functionality inside GUI are added.
✔︎ Update before license expiry functionality is added.
✔︎ MSDCS is relocated to the tools section under refresh display.
✔︎ Menu changes are made
✔︎ SYSVOL folders are made to be wiped during Migrate and Provision.
✔︎ Necessary changes are made for a better compatibility of SambaBox with Mac OS X.
✔︎ VM de çalışan sunucularında zaman sunucusunun stabil çalışması sağlandı.
✔︎ The stable operation of the time server is ensured on the server running on the VM.
✔︎ Necessity for initials of a new user is removed.
✔︎ Code improvements and performance enhancements are made.