Version 4.0

The new 4.0 version of SambaBox adding new features is published.

Profelis Samba Pack

Version: 4.14.7-17

SambaBox GUI Pack

Version: 4.0

Version Details

Profelis Samba Pack – Version 4.14.7-17

✔︎ Performance improvements related to LDB structure have been made and DS performance has been increased by 30%.
✔︎ Improved printer support. Added support for ARM64 architecture.
✔︎ Added GPO support for Winbind clients.
✔︎ Made ACL improvements for POSIX compatibility.
✔︎ Performance improvements have been made on the RPC server.
✔︎ Made improvements for IPv6.
✔︎ Improved file sharing for NetApp Ontap.
✔︎ Enabled SMB encryption to start immediately after initial communication.
✔︎ SPNEGO has been updated in accordance with MAC protocols.
✔︎ DNS cache structure has been adjusted.
✔︎ Performance improvements have been made.

SambaBox GUI Pack – Version 4.0

✔︎ Added drag/drop support for single or multiple objects in the tree structure.
✔︎ Added support for remote shutdown and restart of Windows clients in tree structure.
✔︎ Custom logo can be used in the PDF outputs of the reports in the directory management.
✔︎ The ability to update user attributes in bulk has been added.
✔︎ Added SNMP v2c and v3 monitoring support and Zabbix template.
✔︎ More detailed operation of the directory service database control functions has been provided.
✔︎ Incorrect password requests are listed, filtering on this list and exporting as CSV file screens have been added.
✔︎ Improved DNS configuration file
✔︎ Improved DHCP subnet and reservation screens.
✔︎ DHCP settings synchronization interface has been added.
✔︎ The ability to set a time for a certificate to be signed within the Certificate Authority has been added.
✔︎ Added that the user-selected interface language is preserved at the next login.
✔︎ The user is warned if an incorrect password is entered during migration.
✔︎ After migration, DHCP settings are enabled automatically.
✔︎ Improved language support.
✔︎ Miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.
✔︎ Interface security has been tightened.
✔︎ Added local debug service.