Success Stories

Companies that use SambaBox lower their management and maintenance costs, with flexible solutions tailored for their needs. They are provided with ease of use and a safe directory solution.

Migration to Open Source Created a Success Story for Pendik Municipality

“In the light of the benefits from the Zimbra migration, we rolled up our sleeves and made SambaBox architecture real. Profelis’ fund of knowledge showed its strength during the process. Data loss and security risks were never an issue, while we saw the importance of working with a competent and devoted firm and having 24/7 support. Pendik Municipality always encourages the use of domestic products. We believe it is necessary to support local companies to develop local solutions. We can, and have the potential to build world brands in the open source field. We believe in and support Profelis in achieving this.”
Üstün Murat YILDIZ, Bilgi İşlem Müdürü

It can be an example to all local managements..

Emphasizing that they analyzed and tried many equivalent products before deciding on SambaBox, Üstün Murat Yıldız says:

Üstün Murat Yıldız:

“We conducted our analyses not only for ourselves, but for other local managements as well. Security and ease of use were some of our main criteria. We clarified our expectations according to these criteria and our needs. Subsequently, we decided to work with Profelis.”

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