Directory Solution

Developed by Profelis, SambaBox is an integrated directory, domain name (DNS), dynamic computer configuration (DHCP) and orchestration server built on the Linux operating system. More…


SambaBox can be used in many sectors such as universities, public sector or any private corporation

Break Free From Microsoft
Superior Features of SambaBox

SambaBox offers a much wider solution package than other software developed for the same function, with its superior features differentiating itself from the equivalents.


Migration: As Easy As 4 Steps

With SambaBox’s easy and fast setup features, organizations of all sizes can easily and quickly migrate to SambaBox in 4 steps.

Multi-layered and Easy Security Management

With SambaBox’s multi-layered and easy security management, you can manage your system with the “need to know principle”, easily create your password policies, and use different kinds of identity management software. More…


Easy Password Reset

SambaBox Personal Password Service is a system that allows SambaBox to change your existing system password by applying single-use passwords, it’s simply integrated with an SMS service that you can identify on the system. If you don’t have an SMS service, we recommend you to check out the open source project we have developed. More..


Read our Success Stories

Companies that use SambaBox lower their management and maintenance costs, with flexible solutions tailored for their needs. They are provided with ease of use and a safe directory solution. More..


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