Installation Media

SambaBox is provided as an ISO image. Before installing SambaBox on a physical server, an installation media should be prepared from the ISO file. There is no need to make an installation media for virtual server installations.

USB Stick

The SambaBox ISO image can be easily burned to a USB stick. There are many paid / freeware tools available for creating USB installation media.

Sample Tools:

You can use the sample tools listed above on computers with MS-Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems.


In computers with Linux and OS X operating systems, writing the ISO image to the USB memory with the `dd` command can be done as follows.

You must change the ISO file name and USB device name in the command below!

dd if=SambaBox.x86_64-XXX.install.iso of=/dev/sdX

Preparing a CD/DVD

In the CD / DVD media preparation process, the ISO file can be used by burning it on the CD / DVD media as in the preparation of USB Stick.