Owing to the SambaBox synchronization feature, you can transfer the information of interface users, roles and authorizations from one SambaBox to another SambaBox(s). DHCP records (if any) on the main SambaBox server are transferred (to secondary SambaBox). If the main SambaBox does not have a DHCP record, it is not included in the synchronization.


Don’t forget to create API keys to be able to sync interface between SambaBoxes. See: API Keys

Interface Synchronization

Follow the steps below for interface synchronization in SambaBoxes with API keys generated and mutually added:

  • Make sure SambaBoxes are in online and success status on the interface synchronization screen.

  • Select the SambaBox with the interface settings to be sent from the Master SBX section.

  • Select the SambaBoxes to which the settings will be sent from the Slave SBX section.

  • Press the [Apply] button.


  • Do not forget to do this from the SambaBox where the settings are.

  • When the interface synchronization is performed successfully, the previously created roles and users in the target SambaBox will be backed up and deleted.

  • If necessary, you can return to the old settings by pressing the [Restore] button on the same screen.