SambaBox sends login logs to Fortinet firewall. Thus, the IP and user information are processed into the system through the relevant policy on the firewall, and internet or specified network traffic is allowed.

Fortinet Integration

SambaBox Settings

  • Turn on the application on the Fortinet SSO screen.

  • Enter the IP address of the Fortinet SSO server.

  • Name the directory group that is granted access in the Fortinet Firewall policy.

Fortinet SSO in SambaBox


The specified group name must match the group name on the directory server to which users are members.

  • Generate Fortinet SSO Secret key.

  • Press the [Apply] button.

Fortinet Settings

  • Copy Fortinet secret key from SambaBox.

  • Select the [External Connectors on Fortinet SSO server] section.

  • Press the [Create New] button.

  • Press the [Radius Single Sign-On Agent] icon.

  • Activate the [User RADIUS Shared Secrets] button.

  • Activate the [Send RADIUS Responses] button.

  • Type the created connector name in the name field.

  • Copy the secret key created in SambaBox to the user radius shared secrets section.

  • Press the [OK] button.