For directory controllers in the domain to be consistent, updates are required between controllers. This event is called replication.

  • Controllers in the same site communicate with each other via Change Notification and information is updated every 15 seconds. Since there is a Multi-Master model in the enterprise directory, the directory structure is preserved.

  • Between different sites, replication takes place within each site via Bridgehead Server.

The SambaBox Replication screen has a display of the data replication status between enterprise directory domain controllers. The latest state of replication between domain controllers that are data replication partners and also summary information such as which sections are having problems about duplicating can be seen.

You can perform the following operations on this screen:

  • You can renew Msdcs Records

Replication Control
  • You can manually trigger KKC (Knowledge Consistency Checker) between domain controllers

  • You can manually process data replication between domain controllers on a partition basis.

Manual Replication Trigger


KCC (Knowledge Consistency Checker): Domain controllers are responsible for generating optimal traffic in up to three steps of the replication topology. This service runs every 15 minutes and is responsible for updating in no more than three steps.

Enterprise Directory Sections



Domain section

The section where informations about user, group, computer and OU are located.

Configuration Section

The section where the forest-wide topology of the site and services is located.

Schema section

The section where the rules and object definitions in the enterprise directory are located.

Forest DNS Zones Section

The section where DNS records are kept concerning the forest.

Domain DNS Zones Section

The section where DNS records are kept concerning the domain.