Replication Care

Replication Care

Replication problems can occur between domain controllers. Under certain conditions, usually, attribute changes in computer accounts or the path where the account is located cannot be replicated between servers and causes replication to stop. When this condition is met, replication stops and replication returns a schema mismatch error. In this case, you can follow the steps below to find and clear the computer account.

  • In the Replication Care screen, set the Enabled* part to Yes.

  • Select whether to perform the check operation on the remote server or SambaBox.

Local: SambaBox, Remote: Windows domain controller with PDC role.

  • Press the [Save] button.


When replication returns Schema Mismatch error, check Event Viewer Domain Service Log on Windows domain controller. Error 1203 will show the computer account that stopped replication. If necessary, delete this account and manually trigger replication. Schema Mistmach error is also due to time difference between servers in some cases. Don’t forget to check the times.


When you enable replication care, servers will be checked every 10 minutes. The computer account that caused the Schema Mismatch error will be found and cleaned. The [Run] button performs the control and maintenance operation without waiting for this time.