Organizational Units

With the right click menu on organizational unit at the tree, you can do the following actions:

  • Add new organizational unit

  • Add user to OU

  • Add group to OU

  • Delete OU

You can also drag/drop from the right tree to the left tree individually or collectively to a different organizational unit.

Organizational unit name can be changed by clicking on [Rename] button located at left bottom of the screen.

Moving an organizational unit under another organizational unit can be done by clicking on the [Move] button.

Add Organizational Unit

You can add new organizational unit by simply right clicking on Root or other organizational unit object or by clicking on OU [+] tab located on top-right of the screen.

Add OU


While creating new organizational unit

  • Organization Unit Name

  • Organization Unit Definition

fields must be filled. The place where the organizational unit will be created should be selected from the enterprise directory tree structure.